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Wes Candela

Wes Candela Photography is a passion project of mine since purchasing my first DSLR Camera 10 years ago.

Born and raised in Long Island, NY...I am a die hard cinephile, thus my other passion project: http://voicesfilm.com

Growing up watching & studying films by the greats...
Hitchcock, Coppola, DePalma, Scorsese, Kubrick, Fincher, Lee & Dickerson, Unsworth, DeChanel, Cronenweth...
I must have picked up on how to compose photographs, because by the time I started taking pictures...as long as they were in a theatrical aspect ratio...16:9 or 2:35...I would frame pictures like I had seen done in the films I grew up with.

99% of the images I take i'm not happy with, so they don't make it to the site.

I am my toughest critic.

I cannot claim to be a photographer, or any one genre of photographer...

I can only say that I love photography. I love looking at photography and I love taking pictures.

I try to capture images as I live my life:
Every moment is sacred.

Love is the answer.
Leave your mark.
- Wes Candela, 2017
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